Best Card Ever

I would like to think I sent my husband a card, letter or note over the years which he would have considered the ‘Best Card Ever’.

Last night, as he crawled into bed, he discovered a simple, silver envelope. Inside held a Thank You card from our youngest daughter. She went on to thank her dad, my husband for all that he does for our family.

For taking time to talk with her. For taking time to fix things for her. For taking time to keep her up to date with health news about me. For all the times where he doesn’t get the recognition. And recognition for him has been few and far between these last weeks.

He has had many changes to deal with. His job has changed both in location and pay. He is dealing with the possibility of his military career coming to an end, and not on his terms.

Little did I know when I asked, God to please let Bob know, “He’s not the bad guy.” He would answer with the ‘Best Card Ever’.

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3rd/4th grade Multiage Educator

4 thoughts on “Best Card Ever”

  1. Our children can make us sad or even angry, but then in their innocent way they do something so amazingly sweet that we recognize them for the blessing they really are. Glad your daughter sensed just when to thank him for being her dad.


  2. This is such a beautiful slice. How wonderful that your daughter took the time to send her dad a message of thanks and appreciation. It reminds me how welcome that is and how seldom I do that.

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