I will not give up

I will not give up.

Today, we met with my oncologist to get the results of my MRI. We saw a Before and After picture of my brain. The lymphoma mass has decreased in size by over 50%. This is after Round 1 of the chemo cocktails they have mixed up for me. We will stay the course. I will start Round 2 on Thursday.

Tonight, I sit at my computer reading other slicers. Grasping at ideas and words. I start many drafts then stop and try again and again. I marvel at fellow slicers whose entries seemingly come together in perfect prose and so eloquent. What do I have to offer…

I will not give up.


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3rd/4th grade Multiage Educator

5 thoughts on “I will not give up”

  1. Do not give up! Fight, fight, fight! The fight against cancer is a long and amazing story. The people in the fight care. My husband fought a cancer fight last year. Today, after 18 weeks of chemo and major surgery (removed his bladder, built him a new one from his lower intestine) he is strong and he is still in the fight. Thank god for the doctors, nurses, and researchers who enable us to say, “Ok, what do I do next?” And your focus will come back, your body just has more important things to do right now, fight!!!

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  2. Ah, Gina, I’m so sorry for this road you’re traveling. I admire your strength and determination. It sounds like Round 1 has been effective and I’m wishing you the best with Round 2. On a side note, I’m sure that most if not all of those eloquent slices had false starts and multiple revisions before they reached the “page”. Never doubt that you have a lot to offer–some days it’s just easier than others. Congrats for sticking with it!

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